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Areas of Ministry

Proclamation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ in the formerly Communist lands (1Cor.1:23-24). We hold evangelistic events as well as conferences for churches and ministers on biblical, theological and practical ministerial subjects.

Anti-Trafficking Ministry. Moldova is the poorest country in Europe. Torn apart by ethnic conflicts and civil war that took place in the 1990s, the country lost more than 1 million people to immigration. Because of the continuous economic crisis that plagued the country, more than 100,000 teenage girls and young women have been taken abroad for prostitution, slave labor, and organ harvesting.

We started an anti-trafficking ministry in 2004 after we understood the gravity of the problem in the former Soviet republics while studying and doing research in the U.S. The ministry has as its goal preventive work among Moldavian teenage girls (Prov.24:11). We inform the young women of the dangers of trafficking and provide support to those victims that try hard to return to normal life.

Equipping Leaders for Effective Ministry. Our Leadership College program aims to train pastors and missionaries in key areas of theology and ministry so that they would become effective leaders in the Church of Jesus Christ as well as in reaching out to those that do not know Him (1Tim.4:13-16).

Support of the Persecuted Church. We are supporting national missionaries that are serving in the areas of the world where Christ is not welcome. Many Christians in our world live, worship and witness in difficult circumstances of persecution either from the authorities or dominant religious groups. As God's ambassadors, we encourage pastors, missionaries, and church planters. TM is committed to promoting awareness about the persecution of Christians in the formerly Communist lands.

Refugee Aid and Provision of Water Purifiers.
TM provides humanitarian aid to refugees worldwide. We offer Bible-based counseling and provide food, clothes, etc. to refugees of war and ethnic conflicts. Through the "Water of Life Project," we provide water purifiers/filters for persons and families that have no access to pure water. Because of the lack of access to pure water, people in our world develop all kinds of health problems. Together with water filters, each person receives a copy of the New Testament.

Provision of Bibles and Christian Resources.
We seek to proclaim Christ and think about issues concerning Christian faith and life by writing and publishing books, articles and a Christian periodical. Christian Megapolis founded in 2010 is one of the leading Russian-language Evangelical web hubs, which discusses issues related to Church and culture.

Ministry to Persons with Special Needs. "Roman's Touch" is a ministry to children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and other special conditions (including their families). This ministry avenue grew out of our own experience of raising our son Roman who is autistic. We provide Christian counseling, materials related to research in the domain of ASD, tablet PCs for children as well as stipends for them to attend therapy. We provide food baskets and funding for occasional outings (respite) for parents of children with ASD.

Outreach to Orphans and Street Children. Post-Soviet economic crisis and worker migration to Europe and other areas of the world left thousands of children in the former Soviet Union in orphanages and on the street. TM supports soup kitchens and cares for orphans by providing for them hot meals, clothes, and school supplies.

Ministry to Newcomers. Nobody can understand new immigrants to North America better than other immigrants. In the 1990s and 2000s, thousands of migrants from the formerly Communist lands came to North America. They did not know what to expect. Many of them encountered hardships of adaptation to a new life. Many families and Slavic immigrant churches continue to experience a widening gap between parents and children. They are desperate to find a solution. We help immigrants by providing food baskets and other essential items needed by families. We organize Easter and Christmas community events to share with immigrants the Good News of Jesus Christ and to make them feel at home.

Ministry to Christ's Servants. Church ministry and missionary work are no easy vocations. They require care for the flock, extensive travel, and spending of one's spiritual and physical energy. Christian ministers are not super-humans. They get weary and tired and need someone to listen to them and care for them. Seeing this need, we provide meals (lunches, coffee time) for ministers, missionaries and other Christian workers to encourage them in their work, listen to issues and problems that they bring to the table, and pray with them. As a result, we have seen Christ's servants worldwide encouraged to further continue their vital work of tending to the Lord's sheep.

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Natasha and I started the ministry to persons with special needs after we found out in 2009 that our own son Roman had Autism and developmental disability. No parent wants to hear such news from doctors. Though shocked at first, we asked God to help us care for Roman. He was with us every single day of the last 10 years as we did our best to love Roman and take care of his needs. We know that many of you supported us in prayer, for which we are grateful.

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