The Turlacs' passion is reaching people for Jesus Christ and helping those in need. The Turlacs founded Turlac Mission in 2004 with the purpose of preaching Christ, helping victims of human trafficking and the persecuted church in the Last Frontier lands.

Turlac Mission helps one person at a time in the name of Jesus. We desire to reach Russian-speaking people (and those from language groups populating the territory of the former Soviet Union) for Jesus Christ through personal involvement, written and web resources.

We help women who are victims of human trafficking (which is one of the most profitable businesses in the world) by means of teaching life skills and profession to teen girls-at-risk and offering counseling and financial support to women-victims of trafficking (and their children). Moldova is among the top four countries -- exporters of women for prostitution, slave trade and human trafficking.

We help the persecuted Christians in the Last Frontier countries by providing for them resources needed for continuous life of faith and witness.

We partner with Christian churches, mission organizations and individuals who have a deep passion for reaching millions with the Good News of the Gospel.