Wednesday, May 16, 2018

"I Am a Woman Created in the Image of God" in Russian Impacts Lives of Women in the Former USSR

In April 2018, we published the second edition of a book I Am A Woman Created in the Image of God by Joyce Wyatt, a Christian author from Knoxville, Tennessee, U.S,A.. Joyce has a wealth of experience of teaching in international context, having served as a missionary in Latin America.

I Am A Woman explores the role of Christian woman in the church, family and society. It is a good resource for church-wide and small group study. Turlac Mission’s team translated the book into Russian in 2013, and the same year we published the very first edition. The response has been overwhelming, and we quickly ran out of copies. We already have many requests from Christian women, churches and seminaries that would like to have the book. We already started mailing copies to those interested.

The book is also available in electronic format. We already loaded it on hundreds of USB drives, which will be available to readers all over the former USSR.

Where Can I Find Time for God?

By Oleg Turlac

We all lead busy lives. This is a fact of life, so to speak. When I lived in Moldova, I thought that my life was busy. Mainly, with ministry things. When we moved to Canada almost eight years ago, I thought that life would be less busy. I considered that living in the Western hemisphere with all its technological advances would free up a big chunk of my time. Well, I discovered that instead of having more free time, I packed my day with more things to do. I have to deal with planning mission trips, preparing seminars for Leadership College and for church services on Sundays when I am in Toronto. And, of course, there are family chores...

I am sure that in the midst of busy lives, many of you ask yourselves a question: where can I find time for God? But is this a correct question to ask? Don’t we say that our God is our all? Didn’t we make a commitment to serve Him? Don’t we recognize that He is to occupy the most important place in our lives? If so, then we are to give the best time available for God, and then deal with the rest of life’s issues. Let us major on majors and minor on minors. Let us do important things first, and then deal with minor things. In the Gospel of Matthew we read, “Seek ye first the kingdom of God.” (6:33, KJV)

If you know that your daily routine is about to swallow you, plan time for God at the very beginning of the day. Find a quiet place. Sit down. Open the Holy Book (or the “Holy App” on your smartphone) while you have your morning coffee. Read a passage from the Bible and take a minute to reflect on it. How does it apply to your life? What is God saying to you through the text? As you reflect upon the meaning of the Scripture passage, ask God to guide you through the day.

The blessing of having devotional time in the morning for me is that I can reflect upon the text from the Bible during the day. Thus, God’s Word becomes “a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path.” (Ps. 119:105, KJV) Through it, God guides me. Through it, I am being fed spiritually. During lunch, I open my Bible App again. I read and meditate. In the evening, I read again. I want to experience God every step of the way. Jesus is with me not just for an hour on Sunday. He is my Good Shepherd throughout the week. “He leadeth me beside the still waters.” (Ps.23:2, KJV) He has time for me. And if that is so, I do have time for Him. Do you?