Tuesday, July 4, 2017

New Edition of a Liturgical Book for Church Leaders in Russian Produced in July 2017

A few years back we developed a book in Russian on Christian funerals (liturgy, Scriptural texts and analysis of Slavic funeral customs and traditions). This summer, we did published another edition of the book, which became quite popular among pastors and church leaders. Our goal is to make the church in formerly Communist lands stronger and provide necessary resources to leaders.

Quite often, students of theology graduate from seminaries and divinity schools with wealth of knowledge in theology, biblical languages and Church history. However, few know how to conduct a funeral, a wedding, baptism and other church functions. Graduates of Bible colleges in the former USSR as well as pastors serving in the field will get a lot of help from the book published by TM when they deal with funerals in church context.

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