Monday, November 28, 2016

Give a Gift of Christmas to Persons with Disabilities in Moldova

MOLDOVA. Christmas is a special time of the year when together with our churches and families we remember the greatest gift that has been given to us by God - His Son Jesus Christ who came into the world to bring us salvation from sin and death. During this special season, let us remember those who perhaps do not have a life as easy as the one that we have.

Natasha and I started this ministry to disabled persons after we found out in 2009 that our own son Roman had Autism and developmental disability. No parent wants to hear such news from doctors. Though shocked at first, we asked God to help us care for Roman. He was with us every single day of the last 10 years as we did our best to love Roman and take care of his needs. We know that many of you supported us in prayer, for which we are grateful.

For us, Roman means a lot. We love him dearly. Through Roman, God opened our hearts for ministry to persons with disabilities. In 2013, we came up with the project that we named "Roman's Touch" in honour of our son. Through this project, we provide educational help, food and respite for children with disabilities and their families. In the last 3 years, we provided iPads, books, supplied food and financial resources so that children with Autism could go to therapy.

This Christmas, we would like to give the gift of Christmas to persons with Autism and severe developmental disabilities in Moldova, the poorest nation in Europe, which remains economically devastated. We would like to provide meals and Christmas presents to dozens of children and adults with disabilities in two towns in Moldova. It takes just $15 to provide a Christmas dinner and a gift to one person with mental disability.