Monday, November 28, 2016

Exodus Church for Slavic People in Toronto Holds First Service

CANADA. On Sunday, November 27, 2016 at 5 p.m., we held the first service of Exodus Church in a rented space of Blythwood Road Baptist Church in Toronto. It coincided with the first Sunday of Advent. I (Oleg) preached on the text from Isaiah 9:1-7 emphasizing that Jesus the Messiah came to give us hope.

Exodus Church is a church plant that we and another Russian-speaking family that moved to Toronto from Niagara Falls started about a year ago. We chose this name because it symbolizes that it is a church for immigrants that left their home lands. At the same time, it is a community of people that look forward - to the "promised land" - eternity with God.

We aim to provide a place for worship, study of the Bible and fellowship for Slavic people that came to Canada from Russia, Moldova, Ukraine and other formerly Soviet republics. Language of worship service is Russian and English. At first, the congregation was meeting in our apartment. As we were looking for space where we could worship, Christians from Blythwood Road Baptist Church opened their hearts to us and offered us space, which we are now using for worship and fellowship.

Toronto is one of the largest immigrant cities in the world with its 55 percent of residents born outside of Canada. A secularized city, it is a mission field in itself.

On December 4th, we will hold an inaugural outreach service to which we invited our colleagues, friends and neighbours that speak Russian.

We thank God for this opportunity to serve Russian-speaking people in Toronto and thank many of you who prayed for this new beginning and continue to help support mission work globally.

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