Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Joy of Joint Ministry in Moldova with Friends from Shades Mountain Baptist Church

Vitali Turlac with the mission team from Shades Mountain
Baptist Church
MOLDOVA. On May 15-21, 2016, we had a privilege of hosting dear friends - a mission team of sisters in Christ from Shades Mountain Baptist Church (Birmingham, Alabama).

Vitali Turlac reports, "We were able to accomplish so much to further the cause of Christ's Kingdom in Moldova. We hosted two camps aimed at addressing the problem of human trafficking from Christian perspective. One camp was for women - victims of human trafficking from Chadyr-Lunga, Southern Moldova. The other one was for teens-at-risk of trafficking in Alexandreny, Northern Moldova. We held two events for Christian women - conferences in Beltsy and Komrat. What a joy it was - to see 120 Baptist women gathered together for fellowship and mission challenge in Komrat, the capital of Gagauz Autonomy in Moldova. In Komrat, which is populated by people that speak Russian and a dialect of Turkish language, we held an evangelistic service, which was attended by 80 people."

We thank God for Christian friends rom North America who have keen interest in reaching the formerly Communist lands. Our gratitude is expressed to the leadership of Shades Mountain Baptist Church and all sisters in Christ that came to Moldova for doing so much for God.