Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Israel and Moldova Trip: An Opportunity for Spiritual Reflection and Meaningful Action

Western Wall in Jerusalem. Place where Jews and visitors to
Jerusalem pray for peace.
On September 5-24, 2015, Vitali and I (Oleg) were on an exploratory trip to Israel. We also did mission work in Moldova.

In Israel, we made contact with leaders of Russian-speaking Jewish believers in Jesus, with whom we explored an avenue of helping them train church leaders through our Leadership College program. Russian-speaking Jews that immigrated to Israel from the former USSR account for about 15 percent of Israeli population.

Water purifiers delivered to Moldova
We also had a wonderful opportunity to visit some of the places dear to hearts of all Christians -- the site of Calvary, old city in Jerusalem as well as Bethlehem, Nazareth and Capernaum. We dived into the ancient biblical history of chosen people of God as well as gained a good understanding of contemporary issues related to Israel and the Arab world.

The visit to Israel left a life-long imprint in our hearts and will find its outlet in future sermons and written reflections.

In Moldova, we delivered financial aid to families with Autistic children and visited our partners at two centres for Autistic persons in the capital city of Chisinau and Western Moldavian town of Krasnoarmeiskoe.

Meeting leaders of the newly founded
centre for helping children with Autism
in Moldova.
During our Moldova trip, we provided water purifiers and New Testaments for families in Western part of Moldova through the "Water of Life Project". By this time, we are close to reaching our goal for 2015, which is distribution of 200 filters and water purifiers of different capacity to individuals, families and centres through which we help poor, disabled people and women-victims of human trafficking.

Thank you so much, dear friends and ministry partners, for your faithful support of mission work and for prayers that lifted us up and helped us reach one person at a time in the name of Jesus.

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Friday, September 4, 2015

Prayer for the Lord's Guidance in Planting a New Church in Toronto

Since September 1, 2015, Natasha and I (Oleg) agreed to pray with our friends -- another Russian-speaking Christian family that recently moved to Toronto -- about planting a new church in the city.

Toronto is a metropolis of 3 million people where, sad to say, Christianity is loosing its ground with every new day. Congregations in the city are shrinking and church buildings are up for sale. It is a "great Babylon" in a sense that people of every nation and tongue of earth are represented in this largest city in Canada. Nearly half of Torontonians have been born outside of Canada.

Our prayer is for establishing a solid Evangelical Bible-based church, where Christ is preached and the Gospel of salvation is manifested without compromise. Please, join us in this prayer!

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September 2015: Travels to Israel and Moldova

Tomorrow night, on September 5th, 2015, I (Oleg) am departing on mission to Israel and Moldova.

In Israel, Vitali and I will meet with representatives of Russian-speaking messianic Jewish followers of Christ to see how we can help them in training leaders for their congregations. We will also get a chance to see some of the places related to life and ministry of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

In Moldova, we will distribute water filters to families in regions where pure water is hard to access as a part of our Water of Life Project. The aim is to provide filters to 200 families by the end of 2015 and to double that number in 2016.

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