Friday, March 27, 2015

Support "Roman's Touch" Project!

"Roman's Touch" is a ministry to children with Autism Spectrum Disorder and other severe conditions and their families in the former Soviet Union. This ministry avenue grew out of our own experience of raising our son Roman who has Autism (ASD). It taught us to be extra loving and caring toward children with disabilities and moved us to help families of disabled children.

When we lived in Moldova and had Roman, we could not get any medical help for him because medical community there did not have much knowledge of Autism. We were desperate. In 2010, the Lord provided for us an opportunity to move to Toronto where many of our concerns regarding Roman were addressed. He was diagnosed and began therapy. Now he is 8 years old. In spite of his limitations, he came a long way in mastering some basic ways of caring for himself.

Our desire is to offer to families hope in the midst of despair. We offer to families and children with Autism counseling, materials related to research in the domain of ASD, tablet PCs for children with educational programs as well as stipends for them to attend therapy several times per week. We also provide food baskets and funds for occasional outings (respite) for parents of children with ASD.

Would you, please, consider helping with this project? You can donate on-line through our partners here.