Friday, March 27, 2015

Natasha Turlac to Travel on Mission to Moldova in May

On May 2-18, 2015, Natasha Turlac will make a mission trip to Moldova, one of the republics of the former Soviet Union.

The main purpose of the trip is (1) to minister to teen girls and women-victims of human trafficking. Natasha will visit several training centers in sewing and alterations that we previously established in different parts of Moldova. She will supply these centers with additional sewing machines and other necessary equipment. More sewing machines are needed for graduates of the sewing program. If you would like to help, the cost is $200 per machine. You can make a donation through our partners here.

There is an urgent need in one of the training centers, which is also a transition centre for teens in Karpineny. We would like to provide for them a refrigerator and a microwave so that they could store food and warm it up at meal times. The old fridge broke, so we would like to replace it. The cost of a new refrigerator is $400 and the cost of a microwave is $150. If you would like to help, you can donate on-line through our partners here.

(2) Natasha will also minister to families with children with Autism (ASD). In 2013, we started a project "Roman's Touch," which was born of our own situation of our son Roman having Autism. God provided a way for this situation to be transformed into a great ministry opportunity.

Many families in Moldova are desperate because they cannot get medical attention for their children with ASD. Also, because medical community in Moldova does not have advanced knowledge of the problem, people have various superstitions and opinions about the cause of Autism. Please, remember Natasha in your prayers as she is involved in this very challenging counseling work.

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