Friday, March 27, 2015

Anti-trafficking Ministry Expanding in Moldova

by Natalia Turlac

For 10 years Oleg and I together with many of our partners in Moldova and Central Asia as well as friends and supporters from North America have been working hard to address the problem of human trafficking out of Moldova and the former Soviet Union. Many of you know that tens of thousands of women have been trafficked out of Moldova, Ukraine, Russia and Central Asia for prostitution. Especially teenage girls are those that are most vulnerable to this plague of the 21st century.

In the past 10 years we established 4 training centers in sewing and clothing alterations in Moldova under the umbrella of “Teaching
them to Fish Project.” The main objective of the project was to teach teenagers a profession so that they could earn a living and thus become less vulnerable to traffickers. Every graduate of the program receives their personal sewing machine (the cost is $200 per machine).

Today dozens of girls and young women are studying sewing in centers established by our ministry. It is exciting to see good results of a 10-year ministry, which results in lives being saved from slavery.

Thank you, friends, for helping provide sewing machines and fabric for this ministry! We count on your continuous support. You can help with this project by making a donation through our partners here.