Friday, February 27, 2015

Ministry Among Slavic Christian Immigrants in Minnesota

On Saturday, February 22, 2015, I had a great opportunity to minister to Slavic Christian immigrant community in Twin Cities, MN. Two of my former students from the Bible college in Moldova, Madi and Anara, natives of Kazakhstan now residing in the United States, organized a roundtable dedicated to discussion of issues and problems that immigrants from the former USSR are dealing with.

Though hosted by an English-speaking congregation, the forum was attended by Christians representing a number of Slavic evangelical churches in the area. They sought answers to issues common for immigrant communities in America that for a long time have been neglected within Slavic immigrant community.

In my presentation, I addressed most important issues that immigrants are facing in their adaptation to life in America: cultural and language barriers, American-style worship versus Russian style of worship service, etc. One of the pressing issues within post-Soviet immigrant community is the rift in relationship between older and younger generations (Fathers and Sons) and the future of Russian-language worship services in congregations in America. During the discussion, I pointed out the need for a dialogue between generations and urgency to pay attention to needs of young people.

Having knowledge of both North American and Slavic cultures, we at Turlac Mission are providing free-of-charge consulting services to congregations that desire to make a positive change and impact the next generation of Christ followers.