Friday, November 7, 2014

Help Provide Tablet PCs for Missionaries!

Tablet PCs for Missionaries
One of our ministry avenues is provision of PC Tablets (iPad, Android or Kindle) for missionaries working in difficult places of our world, where Jesus and Christian faith are not welcome. A PC tablet given to a missionary or church planter enables them to connect to Internet, send and receive e-mails from supporters and fellow believers, access the Bible and books on theology and ministry provided on the Internet. It is an opportunity to stay in touch with the worldwide family of believers.

We at Turlac Mission are always on the look for used and discounted/refurbished tablets, which we put to a good use. If you have an older tablet PC and think of getting a new one, can you, please, consider donating your old device to Turlac Mission so that we could enable one more missionary to have access to Christian resources provided on the web? If you are thinking about donating your tablet, please contact us at

You can also help provide one Kindle device for a missionary for just $70 or a refurbished one (Acer or Lenovo) for just $120. To donate on-line, please click here and follow instructions.

A piece of good news! Today we purchased two more PC tablets (Asus and Acer), which we found on sale at local electronics store. This means that two more missionaries will have access to Bible in their language and other electronic resources.