Thursday, November 27, 2014

Urgent! Ukrainian Refugees Are in Need of Food, Clothes and Shoes

This family evacuated to Kiev from
Eastern Ukraine. The young woman
has a hand prothesis.
27 November 2014. Yesterday, I (Oleg) received a word from Slava, one of national missionaries in Kiev, Ukraine that we support. He shared with me an urgent request to help families of refugees from Eastern Ukraine, a place were a standoff between pro-Russian rebels and Ukrainian continues. So far, according to data provided by the UN, the conflict claimed more than 1,400 lives of civilians. More than 3,300 have been wounded, including women and children.

This young couple was evacuated
from war-torn Donetsk. They lost
all they had.
Since March 2014, many Evangelical church buildings were captured by rebels in Donetsk and Lugansk regions. Tens of thousands of people, including families of our brothers and sisters in Christ had to evacuate from Eastern Ukraine to spare their lives. Many of them relocated to Kiev region, where Slava and local believers are helping them by providing counseling, food and clothes. Turlac Mission is committed to support the efforts of Ukrainian Christians in helping their neighbours according to the Greatest Commandment expressed by our Lord.
This young woman had to run for
her life from the war zone. Her
parents and sister are still there.

As winter approaches, many families are in need of food, winter clothes and shoes. As we enter the season of Advent, let us consider helping 10 families of refugees from the war those by providing for them baskets of food, winter coats, shoes. We need to provide $200 per family (2 adults and 2-3 children).

If the Lord moves you to donate to this urgent cause in the name of Jesus, you can do so on-line through our partners at World Wide Word or by writing a check to "World Wide Word" and designating it to "Turlac Mission (Ukraine Refugees)".

Mail your check to: World Wide Word, Attn: Turlac Mission, 24162 Rochester Lane, Aldie, VA 20105.

Together, we can "help one person at a time in the name of Jesus!"

Monday, November 24, 2014

Bucharest Mission Conference Beneficial for Both East and West

Oleg and Vitali in Bucharest, Romania
BUCHAREST, ROMANIA. On November 18-21, 2014, Vitali Turlac and I (Oleg) participated in the mission conference dedicated to celebration and reflection on "25 Years of Christian Mission in Eastern Europe and the Former USSR." From the very time I heard this forum being announced, I knew that it would be a tremendous opportunity for us at Turlac Mission to come together with other missionaries to reflect on the magnitude of work that was done in the region since the collapse of Berlin Wall.

This forum was beneficial in so many ways. (1) It was an opportunity to reconnect with old friends and partners in ministry in Eastern Europe and the former USSR. I think that it is important for all of us to know what different mission organizations and churches are doing in the region, so that we could avoid duplication in certain areas of work.

At the conference on East-European missions
(2) The conference was a great time for making new connections that will help us and people that we minister as we look into the future and plan various ministry opportunities.

(3) It was a great encounter of East and West. National church workers from Eastern Europe had a great chance to talk to their partners in the West. In this way, we all tried to make sure that Eastern and Western Christians are on the same page in understanding mission work and the context of the region.

Conference participants pointed out that Christian mission in Eastern Europe, besides being theological and evangelistic, is also to be relational. Relationships with people that we minister to do matter. Also of great importance are relationships of missionaries with each other and of missional organizations to one another. Partnership in the work of spreading the Gospel of Christ is essential, for together we can do much more.

I appreciate so many of you who support our work with your generous giving and pray for safety in travels.

Friday, November 7, 2014

Sewing Machines Provided for Anti-trafficking Mission in Central Asia

Workers unpacking sewing machines
In October 2014, Turlac Mission provided sewing machines to Christian workers in one of the Central Asian "Stan" countries in an effort to combat trafficking in women out of the region. We thank friends from North America who provided funding for the project. The cost of one machine is $200. You can help support anti-trafficking work by donating on-line here.

Investing Our Lives into Young People

Oleg talking to David about Christianity 
and culture while discussing a book.
Young people are the future of any nation. We at Turlac Mission spend considerable time providing written resources for Russian-speaking young people both electronic and in print. We also devote considerable time to counseling young people and talking to them about such issues as Christian faith and modern society and Christian values in a relativistic world. Our Christian Megapolis magazine published in Russian, is geared toward discussing of most pressing topics raised in today's world.

You can help support the work of Turlac Mission by donating on-line through our partners here.

Oleg and Vitali Turlac to Participate in the "25 Years of Missions in Eastern Europe" Conference

On November 18-21, 2014, Oleg and Vitali Turlac will participate in the conference entitled "25 Years of Missions in Eastern Europe" held by the European Evangelical Missionary Alliance in Bucharest, Romania. It is one of the major forums, which is geared toward analysis of Christian work in Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union since the collapse of the Iron Curtain. We feel like it is very important for us to have Turlac Mission represented there to reconnect with old partners and make new contacts that will help us successfully carry on our mission in the future.

You can help support the work of Turlac Mission worldwide by donating on-line through our partners here.

Help Provide Tablet PCs for Missionaries!

Tablet PCs for Missionaries
One of our ministry avenues is provision of PC Tablets (iPad, Android or Kindle) for missionaries working in difficult places of our world, where Jesus and Christian faith are not welcome. A PC tablet given to a missionary or church planter enables them to connect to Internet, send and receive e-mails from supporters and fellow believers, access the Bible and books on theology and ministry provided on the Internet. It is an opportunity to stay in touch with the worldwide family of believers.

We at Turlac Mission are always on the look for used and discounted/refurbished tablets, which we put to a good use. If you have an older tablet PC and think of getting a new one, can you, please, consider donating your old device to Turlac Mission so that we could enable one more missionary to have access to Christian resources provided on the web? If you are thinking about donating your tablet, please contact us at

You can also help provide one Kindle device for a missionary for just $70 or a refurbished one (Acer or Lenovo) for just $120. To donate on-line, please click here and follow instructions.

A piece of good news! Today we purchased two more PC tablets (Asus and Acer), which we found on sale at local electronics store. This means that two more missionaries will have access to Bible in their language and other electronic resources.

Insulation Installed in the Shelter for Women in Moldova

Shelter for women in Moldova
For a number of years now, Turlac Mission has been participating in supporting ministry to women -- victims of human trafficking and domestic abuse in the South of Moldova. In the fall of 2014, Turlac Mission partnered with the Fixed Point Foundation, a Birmingham, Alabama-based non-profit organization in installation of insulation in the shelter for women in Chadyr-Lunga, Moldova. A grant from Fixed Point Foundation helped cover the costs of insulation material and labor. Now women -- victims of sex slavery and domestic abuse will enjoy staying in a warm place in cold winter temperatures of Moldova.

We express heartfelt appreciation to the leadership of the Fixed Point Foundation for provision of funding and thank all friends that help us minister to trafficked women in the former Soviet Union.

You can help support the work of Turlac Mission in the former Soviet Union by donating on-line. Please, click here and follow instructions.