Friday, June 27, 2014

Turlac Mission Received Two Grants to Help Women-at-risk of Human Trafficking

In April 2014, Turlac Mission received two grants to help the cause of combating human trafficking out of Moldova.

With Friends at the WMU
The first grant was kindly presented to us by the Woman’s Missionary Union Foundation (Hayes Endowment). Hayes Endowment was established to support education and awareness; housing, counseling, and job skills training for victims; development of micro-enterprise businesses to provide wages for human trafficking victims; and efforts aimed at prohibiting human trafficking and aiding victims. The grant will be applied toward establishing a training center in sewing and alterations for women without jobs in Gagauz region of Moldova.

The second grant was presented to Turlac Mission by Fixed Point Foundation/Sasha’s Hope, a ministry in Birmingham, Alabama founded by Larry and Lori Taunton. Years ago, Larry and Lori adopted Ukrainian girl Sasha from one of state orphanages in that formerly Communist land, and gave her hope and new opportunities.

With Larry and Lori Taunton
(Sasha's Hope)
Larry wrote an awesome book entitled The Grace Effect (Thomas Nelson, 2011), in which he tells the story of Sasha’s adoption. While reading it, I was touched by his keen understanding of Ukrainian realities and unconditional love that Larry and Lori had toward precious Sasha. You will want to read it!

Sasha’s Hope is interested in helping children in orphanages in the former Soviet Union as well as teens at risk of human trafficking. This grant will be used to establish a training center in sewing in Northern Moldova.