Friday, June 27, 2014

Family Moment: Our Joys and Challenges

Oleg with Roman, 7 and Victoria, 1.
June 2014
We thank God for His grace mercy, and provision for our family. Many thanks to all of you who continue to sacrificially support us with your prayers and giving.

In September 2014, our son Roman, 7 who has Autism (ASD) will transfer to a different school in Toronto. He will go to Nelson Mandela School, which is one of the “model schools” in town. It has a special class for children with developmental delay. We already visited the school and saw the classroom where Roman will be in the fall. We hope that the environment in the new school will be helpful and stimulating for his growth and development.

With Roman growing up, we face new challenges, and we ask those of you who can do it on daily basis, to lift him up in prayer. Roman is a loving child, and we will do everything possible to care for his needs.

It is possible that we might need to move to a different apartment. Currently we rent a one-bedroom flat on 12th floor of the apartment building. It has a balcony, and this is a safety concern for us as Roman is much taller now. Please, remember us in prayer as we make important decisions.