Friday, June 27, 2014

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Moldova: Hope for Kids with Autism

By Natasha Turlac

Natasha with Roman
I am really excited that our ministry to children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) grows and expands with each new day! How wonderful it was to travel to Moldova in March-April 2014 and share the good news of hope with so many desperate families of children with Autism!

In June 2014, we at Turlac Mission decided to support two families with autistic children, so that kids would be able to attend activities at the local development center in Chisinau, the capital of Moldova. The first family has a boy Damian, 4 and a girl Nicoletta, 6. The second family has twins Nikita and Christian, 9. Financial help provided by Turlac Mission ($50 per month per child) will enable these children to interact with other kids and will provide some respite for parents. When Oleg goes to Moldova in August 2014, he will deliver two PC Tablets for these kids with ASD. Tablets have educational programs, etc. loaded on them.

Nikita and Christian, Twin Brothers
from Moldova with ASD
Being actively involved in ministry to families with children with ASD, I am constantly staying in touch with moms from Russia, Ukraine and Moldova, counseling them and responding to their many questions. I ask the Lord in prayer to give me lots of wisdom to be able to say right things to parents that often feel hopeless.

Children with Autism in Moldova and their families need your help! We are still looking for Christian professionals who would be willing to donate their time to come to Moldova for a week of volunteer work/ministry. If you have necessary training in the study of Autism and are willing to devote one week of your time, we would love to talk to you about the possibility of going on a mission trip to Moldova. Perhaps you know of anyone from your circle of friendship or church family who has training in ASD and would be willing to go with me or Oleg to Moldova? Please, let us know.

Thank you for your great interest and active support of this ministry!

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Family Moment: Our Joys and Challenges

Oleg with Roman, 7 and Victoria, 1.
June 2014
We thank God for His grace mercy, and provision for our family. Many thanks to all of you who continue to sacrificially support us with your prayers and giving.

In September 2014, our son Roman, 7 who has Autism (ASD) will transfer to a different school in Toronto. He will go to Nelson Mandela School, which is one of the “model schools” in town. It has a special class for children with developmental delay. We already visited the school and saw the classroom where Roman will be in the fall. We hope that the environment in the new school will be helpful and stimulating for his growth and development.

With Roman growing up, we face new challenges, and we ask those of you who can do it on daily basis, to lift him up in prayer. Roman is a loving child, and we will do everything possible to care for his needs.

It is possible that we might need to move to a different apartment. Currently we rent a one-bedroom flat on 12th floor of the apartment building. It has a balcony, and this is a safety concern for us as Roman is much taller now. Please, remember us in prayer as we make important decisions.

Summer 2014: Ministry of Proclamation in Toronto

On June 15th, 2014 (Father’s Day), I (Oleg) preached a sermon at Bethany Baptist Church, the congregation in Toronto that we are members of. My message was on “How to be a Good Father. Learning from God the Father.” I emphasized three things that we can learn from God: (1) God loves us unconditionally. (2) He accepts us for who we are and treats us with respect and (3) God is always ready to spend quality time with us.

In June and July 2014, I will preach at Bethany Baptist two more times. I am grateful for these opportunities, as they provide me with a chance to also share a bit about missions in the former Soviet Union and the state of the church in Central Asia.

Help Us Provide E-Readers for Missionaries!

Help us provide Kindle e-Readers to national Christian missionaries and church planters as well as to seminaries in the former Soviet Union! Each e-Reader can hold Bibles in different languages as well as thousands of books. They can be safely downloaded from Internet via Wi-Fi. You can provide one Kindle e-Reader for $70, two e-Readers for $140 or ten for $700.

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Turlac Mission Received Two Grants to Help Women-at-risk of Human Trafficking

In April 2014, Turlac Mission received two grants to help the cause of combating human trafficking out of Moldova.

With Friends at the WMU
The first grant was kindly presented to us by the Woman’s Missionary Union Foundation (Hayes Endowment). Hayes Endowment was established to support education and awareness; housing, counseling, and job skills training for victims; development of micro-enterprise businesses to provide wages for human trafficking victims; and efforts aimed at prohibiting human trafficking and aiding victims. The grant will be applied toward establishing a training center in sewing and alterations for women without jobs in Gagauz region of Moldova.

The second grant was presented to Turlac Mission by Fixed Point Foundation/Sasha’s Hope, a ministry in Birmingham, Alabama founded by Larry and Lori Taunton. Years ago, Larry and Lori adopted Ukrainian girl Sasha from one of state orphanages in that formerly Communist land, and gave her hope and new opportunities.

With Larry and Lori Taunton
(Sasha's Hope)
Larry wrote an awesome book entitled The Grace Effect (Thomas Nelson, 2011), in which he tells the story of Sasha’s adoption. While reading it, I was touched by his keen understanding of Ukrainian realities and unconditional love that Larry and Lori had toward precious Sasha. You will want to read it!

Sasha’s Hope is interested in helping children in orphanages in the former Soviet Union as well as teens at risk of human trafficking. This grant will be used to establish a training center in sewing in Northern Moldova.

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Support Christian ministry in Ukraine through Turlac Mission! As the battle between pro-Russian forces and Ukrainian national army rages in Eastern Ukraine, we seek to help our Christian brothers and sisters in need. (1) Give toward ongoing support of national missionaries. $100 will support one missionary family for a month. (2) Provide a food basket for needy Christian families in Crimea and war-torn Eastern Ukraine. The cost of one basket is $25.

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