Friday, March 7, 2014

Support Ukraine Ministry through Turlac Mission!

During these days, Ukraine and its people are experiencing difficult times. What started as Ukrainian plight for freedom, ended up in Russian military intervention into Crimea, which has been a part of Ukraine since 1952. Russians now are in full control of the Crimean peninsula.

Ukrainian army chose not to retaliate as not to start a bloody war, which can have far-reaching consequences.

Many in Ukraine are facing uncertainty as country found itself in the midst of political instability.

As many of you already heard, on March 6, 2014, Crimean Parliament passed a resolution in favour of that territory joining Russia. In just 10 days Russian-controlled Crimean authorities will hold a referendum, during which a final decision on joining Russia will be made.

Ukrainian media is reporting about the threat of Russian invasion in Eastern Ukraine (Kharkiv, Donetsk regions), mostly populated by Ukrainian citizens of Russian ethnicity that feel closer to Russian than Ukraine.

National treasury reports that the run-away former president of Ukraine Victor Yanukovich left the treasury empty. Banks limit people at how much money they can take out of their accounts, which creates shortage of cash. Many are in dispair about the future.

Turlac Mission is committed to helping the churches and Christian leaders in the former Soviet Union be agents of change and peacemakers in the midst of potential war situation. We provide ongoing financial support to national missionaries in Kiev (Ukrainian capital), Ternopol (Western Ukraine), and Odessa (Southern Ukraine).

With your help, in 2013 we provided electronic readers to pastors that are studying at Kiev Theological Seminary.

Please, continue to support Christian ministry in Ukraine through Turlac Mission!

- you can provide e-books for Ukrainian pastors with Scriptures and Christian literature. The cost of one e-reader is $70.

- you can provide ongoing support for national missionaries in Ukraine. It takes $100 per month to support a Ukrainian national missionary family.

Thank you for praying for Ukraine!