Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Ice Storm in Toronto Affects the Turlacs

TORONTO, CANADA. Many of you probably heard of the ice storm that we experienced here in Toronto and in the province of Ontario, Canada on 20-21 Dec. 2013. We have been affected by disruption in power supply, and have not had electricity and heat since Sunday afternoon, Dec. 21.

Overall, a quarter of a million of Torontonians were cut off from the grid. Many traffic lights are not working, and businesses are surely suffering at this time, as many counted on Christmas sales, etc.

Because of this situation, we had to leave our home and move into a motel in the area of Toronto that does have electricity. We were blessed to find a room, so we are safe, have roof over our heads, and food. We will most likely spend Christmas in the inn. Natasha, Roman and Victoria are well.

In fact, this situation moved us to think of our Savior, who was "in transition" so to speak, and whose parents, Mary and Joseph, found "no room in the inn." Realization of this fact makes us even more grateful for the gift of salvation that Jesus brought to us.

I (Oleg) am doing some of my writing for the magazine that we publish on-line out of the motel room. I am also working on a sermon that I will preach on Sunday, January 29, 2013, at Bethany Baptist Church here in Toronto.

Many thanks to those of you who called and sent text messages. Your prayers are appreciated very much.

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