Saturday, March 23, 2013

Kiev Theological Seminary Impacted by Kindle Devices

With your help, dear friends, we were able to send five Kindle electronic readers to the library of the Kiev Theological Seminary located in the capital of Ukraine. The seminary, headed by the Rev. Anatoly Prokopchuk, is training hundreds of pastors, missionaries, church planters and Sunday school teachers for Evangelical churches in the Ukraine, a nation of more than 40 million people. Ukraine has more religious freedom than any other former Soviet republic, with the exception of Baltic States. This is why it is important to train as many young men and women for ministry as possible. Because of Kindle e-readers, students at Kiev Seminary now have access to the recently published electronic books in English. Seminary president Prokopchuk states, “I am using a Kindle device myself and know how wonderful it is to have the Bible and theological books that I need right here with me. Now I am excited that our students will have access to e-books published in English when doing study, research and writing at the seminary’s library. I thank Turlac Faith Ministries for provision of these devices.”

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