Monday, February 18, 2013

Work on Christian Megapolis Magazine Continues in 2013

This week (17 February 2013), I (Oleg) am working on the first issue for the year 2013 of Christian Megapolis, the Christian magazine that we publish in the Russian language for readers in the former Soviet Union as well as immigrants to North America, Germany and Australia that can read in Russian. We founded the magazine in 2010 as a resource and a place for discussion about church, its issues and concerns and its place in society and culture. The magazine is available on-line at

Worship with the Russian Baptist Congregation in Toronto

On Sunday, 17 February 2013, on a very cold winter day, I (Oleg) worshipped at the Russian Evangelical Baptist Church on Gladstone Avenue in Toronto. The church building is located in the Western part of town. It took me about 1 hour to get there by street car. It is a congregation of about 50 people -- an interesting blend of recent emigrants from the former USSR that speak Russian perfectly, and children and grandchildren of Russians and Ukrainians that came to Canada years ago. As you would expect, they do not speak the language of their ancestors. Praise and worship songs were sung in English and Russian and the sermon was delivered in English with translation into Russian.

Vitali Talks About Missions in Southern U.S.

In February 2013, Vitali Turlac is visiting the South of the United States, preaching in Russian immigrant churches as well as American congregations, and sharing about the mission work in the former Soviet Union, the land that was for nearly 70 years under the domination of communism and atheism. Our ministry is committed to sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ with people from different nations that populate Russia and the CIS.

Friday, February 1, 2013

Vitali Turlac is Visiting the United States

In February 2013, Vitali Turlac is visiting the United States with the purpose of preaching Christ in Slavic Evangelcial churches in America as well as promoting the global work of the Turlac Faith Ministries. During his trip, Vitali will visit Georgia, Alabama, Louisiana, South Carolina and Minnesota.

Turlac Faith Ministries is a Christian minitstry that seeks to reach the world for Jesus Christ and help people created in God's image. In 2012, we ministered in Moldova, Republic of Georgia and Central Asia by helping women-at-risk of human trafficking, preaching Christ and encouraging missionaries and believers and by providing Bibles to those that do not have their own copy of the Scriptures.